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I've been thinking lately, and I figured, I'm still paying like $50 a year for a paid account, I should probably start using this Livejournal a bit more again so I'm not wasting my money. SO HERE I AM, trying to come out of an LJ hibernation.

Not much has changed. In lieu of writing fanfiction, for the past near-on two years I've taken to roleplaying the Doctor on Tumblr an excessive amount (although I want to start writing fanfiction again, too.... especially my bb!Amelia and Eleven ficlets).

I've also successfully graduated from college (as of my birthday of this year, actually, May 19th), which is exciting! I wrote my senior paper on Sherlock Holmes and managed to work my thesis in such a way that I got to talk about Sherlock, and fandom, and somehow I successfully managed to give a 20-minute presentation on it, which is kind of astounding, since I'm a very nervous presenter.

But yeah. It's been an interesting life while I've been absent from here. And it's good to be back!

EDIT: Oh, also, a little over a month ago imagined_leds commented on that one Rory+Doctor fic of mine (here) and asked to make a podfic out of it, which was entirely awesome but I never shared it. So go click that second link, if you want to have a listen. I think she did a wonderful job. :)
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