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tumultuous (doctor who mini-fic; eleven & amy)

Title: Tumultuous
Word Count: 269
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor + Amy Pond
Summary: So many failed chances to destroy them once and for all, and this is where it had gotten him.
Warnings: DEFINITE POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR SERIES 7. The picture behind the cut showed up on my Tumblr dash and this was the result. While I doubt Moffat would want something this potentially spoilery to be a promo image, I don't actually know if it's fanart or not. There was no source on the image, so you've been warned.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and Steven Moffat.
A/N: Originally written to a prompt on Tumblr for a friend after seeing the image. The picture is behind the cut.

(click image for HQ)

The explosions would probably have been loud if it wasn’t for the fact that his eardrums were already ringing from all the damage they’d sustained. His face burned both in pain from the lacerations scattered down the side (an unfortunate consequence of being in proximity to exploding shrapnel and not being able to move as fast as he normally could) and the burning fire that surrounded him on all sides. His arms ached and the Doctor was honestly surprised that his legs hadn’t given out from walking twenty decks through the space cruiser with her body in his arms.

The Doctor winced. Not body. She was alive- he knew she was alive. He could feel the steady rise and fall of her chest as he cradled her protectively against him, shielding her as best he could from the worse of the explosions with his body.

The Dalek’s energy blast had hit close to her, close enough to cause a massive explosion that had thrown her across the room. It hadn’t left any outward damage, but he knew something was wrong- the fear that weighed on him was proof enough of that.

The Doctor could still hear the Dalek’s cries of war echoing throughout the ship, following him, taunting him. He shifted Amy in his arms, gaze darkening. So many failed chances to destroy them once and for all, and this is where it had gotten him. The deep blue of the TARDIS stood out in sharp contrast against the red and yellow flames of the slowly disintegrating ship.

“Don’t worry, Pond,” he whispered, “this time… they’re not getting away.”
Tags: character: eleventh doctor, fanfiction, fic: doctor who, tv: doctor who
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